Why does God let bad things happen to good people? Isn’t there more to life than just living and dying?

Why does it feel sometimes we have no help from God and how do we even know Jesus was the son of God?

As we become adults we start to question all the things we simply accepted as children, it’s a perfectly normal part of how we grow as individuals and how we embark on our own unique life journey. Here on the WOWChurch question page we do not judge; so feel free, fire away, ask us anything you like by submitting a question in the box below. In future every newly published ‘Big Question’ will be selected from your submissions.

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Below are some of the questions we are often asked as a Church, together with our answers as we believe them to be. We will be as frank as possible and honest in that there will be some questions where we will have no full answer; it will simply be that for that particular issue, that particular question we choose to have faith rather than to choose to have none.

We hope that the more time you spend with us at WOWChurch, the more information you will have to make your own faith choices.

Does God exist?

Since the original name for God means ‘Existence’, this is a strange question! Like our view of the world changes as we get older, so does our view of God.

The Church?

Do you know who came up with the idea of church? It is God’s idea! He knows what we need and he knows that church is good for us. It helps us. We need it.

What about Jesus?

Things are not all fine with the world. Things are not all fine with you. And this leaves us feeling lost at times, upset, hurt and angry.

And the Holy Spirit?

In the Bible we learn that the Holy Spirit helps us to pray. When you find yourself longing for God and the things of God, then the Holy Spirit has made a home in your heart!

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