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Since the original name for God means ‘Existence’, this is a strange question!

Like our view of the world changes as we get older, so does our view of God. That’s one of the reasons we often question God’s existence when we are teenagers. Our ‘child’s eye’ idea of God needs to grow and sometimes change as we learn more about the world. Losing faith in Father Christmas and the ‘Man in the Moon’, we wonder if God really exists too.

Evidence around you

The world contains pattern, beauty and meaningful structure. If the universe and Planet Earth shows evidence of art or design, then it must surely have an artist or designer. This artist or designer we call God.

Evidence within you

Each person likewise has pattern, beauty and meaning. Every human being, as well as the wonderful theory of evolution itself, shows clear evidence of art and design. As well as this we all have an in-built sense of Right and Wrong. No scientist, or chance alone, can account for this. This artist or designer we call God.

Think about

  • The miracle of life! Each breath you take is a gift of life!
  • Amazing facts of nature! Aspects of life that puzzle and inspire you!
  • The gift of love! People who have shown you the true meaning of the word ‘love’!


Reflect for a few moments on how your view of God might need to change, or grow. How do you feel about this? Are you open to explore further?


  • Thank God that you exist!
  • Thank God for Planet Earth, its pattern, beauty and meaning.
  • Pray that you might become more like God – a help to others, creative in your approach to life, someone ‘good to have around’, a person who loves tenderly, deeply and truly, resilient and strong inside, even when life is hard.

Taking things further

If you want to know more about God, look at Jesus.

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