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Do you know who came up with the idea of church? It is God’s idea! He knows what we need and he knows that church is good for us. It helps us. We need it.

Why is Church important?

We are not meant to live without others. God provides us with a spiritual family who love and care and support and encourage us. The Church community is a sign of what we pray one day will be true for everyone – that we have a loving Heavenly Father and that we are all brothers and sisters.

Jesus gathers people

Right from the start Jesus gathers people. At his birth there were his closest family, shepherds and wise men. His first activity was to call people to follow him as disciples. He taught the crowds. And he invites his closest followers to go out and do the same. Jesus is still gathering people today into his church which is like a large family.


Like all churches, WOWChurch is about growing in our knowledge of Jesus, finding support during tough and challenging times, chatting with other Christians who care, and praying.

What will help me best?

There are many different types of church and it’s really important to belong to a church where you can feel at home. WOWChurch is an online community of Christians, but there are many others with many different names and ways of worshipping. Some involve singing modern worship songs while others have traditional hymns. Some have a simpler style, while others appeal to our senses using music, colour, incense and movement. Whatever helps you grow as a Christian, grow as a person, and challenges you to live out your faith in the world is right for you.

Think about

My wish to grow and mature as a committed follower of Jesus.


On God’s plan that we are never called to ‘go it alone’.


That belonging to Jesus and his Church might become more important to me.

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