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Things are not all fine with the world. Things are not all fine with you. And this leaves us feeling lost at times, upset, hurt and angry. The word WOWChurch uses to describe all of this negative stuff is Sin.

We need help

The Problem with sin is that we humans are no good at sorting things out for ourselves! We all have mixed motives and get it wrong again and again. When we add sickness, death and disaster onto the equation it is clear that Planet earth, and everyone on it, needs saving. The names Jesus means ‘God saves’.

Jesus comes to save

Jesus is God’s plan to turn things around. Jesus is born in Bethlehem, grows up in Nazareth, gathers followers in Galilee, risks life going into hostile areas of the Middle east, angers those who have most to lose by his message of universal love, and finally pays the price by dying a criminal’s death in Jerusalem on a wooden cross.

A way of life

Jesus called this loving way of living life to the full, the ‘Way of the Cross’, and offers each of us the chance to follow it for ourselves. The reason thousands of people still do is because it is life-giving. Jesus’ resurrection from death to life on Easter morning is the final word! Love triumphs.

Jesus is real

Jesus is not a fictional hero! All the places he lived in are still real places in the world today and his life is documented by trusted historians. His message is as relevant today as it ever was and continues to change us for the better.

He challenges us to live our lives more generously, more fruitfully, more meaningfully. He comes to bring God within our reach. He comes to pay the price and bridge the gap for everything that separates us from God and from each other.

What do I need to do?

Think about my sin and that of others. Think about the state of the world. Think about my own intense desire for a fresh start.

And pray…

Jesus, please forgive all my sin. Wash me clean and give me a new start. I turn to you as Lord. I want to follow you and play my full part in the world. May I know you more clearly, love you more dearly and follow you more nearly, day by day. Amen.

Taking things further

Jesus invites each of us to ‘Follow’ – to become part of his Church family, to spread his message of universal love to those around us right now, to begin living in a new way!

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