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Life wearing you down? Looking for some inspiration?

At WOWChurch we upload new videos weekly for you to watch and then if you like, have a 1:1 Chat with one of our hosts about the message given and how it could relate to your own life. We also have a huge video library of informative, interesting and just for fun videos to comfort you, reassure you, make you laugh and maybe also remind you that (whether you like it or not) ‘God loves you.’

Just starting out on your journey? Maybe you’ve never been inside a Church before, or maybe you know very little about becoming a Christian? No worries – visit our ‘Pilgrim’ page to view to a series of videos that will tell you all the basics. Alternatively connect with a 1:1 Chat host by using the chat window available at the bottom of every page. Everyone here at WOWChurch will be really happy to talk with you about how they discovered faith.

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